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Group Retiree Plans
Group Retiree Offering Through ISS

ISS has true group Medicare Supplement plans that give your active employees (groups under 20 employees), part timers (any size group), and retirees (groups over 20 employees) options they will never have with an individual Medicare plan. On top of that:

1.An employer can help group members hesitating to retire or move to part time for fear of losing their group health benefits by providing this plan. You can even sweeten the deal by making a contribution to their Seniors Choice Group Medicare premium. Retirees still active ON THE GROUP PLAN can also move off of that plan onto a Seniors Choice plan reducing your claims. This is an ideal option for self-funded groups

2.This is a GUARANTEED ISSUE GROUP PRODUCT for enrollees at inception and at the Annual Open Enrollment every year. So if they miss signing up once, they can take the plan at the next enrollment period. This option is not available with any other group supplement plan

3.Ease of employer administration. Renewals consist of basic notification (see #’s 22 & 23 below)

4.This is the ONLY SUPPLEMENT PLAN IN OHIO WITH COMPLETE PART D “DONUT HOLE” PRESCRIPTION DRUG GAP COVERAGE, ideal for high prescription drug users (compare with self-funded group Rx experience)

5.A Seniors Choice plan works and feels like a Medicare Supplement; however, you the employer can offer a range of deductibles and co-pays or no co-pays to fit any budget

6.This is a Private Medicare Trust, the only one of its kind in the nation

7.Employers can offer one plan up to all plan options. We suggest giving enrollees three choices

8.Employers can decide their own retiree eligibility guidelines: offer to all retirees ever or retirees for the last 5 years. The choice is yours...

9.Employer SPONSORSHIP only is required, no contribution is needed; however, you the employer can contribute any percentage tax free, if desired

10.If an employer does contribute, Seniors Choice contribution guidelines are to be consistent with other group medical insurance plans. Employers can pay 0% up to 100% of the premium

11.A group of one is all that is needed to start

12.If the group is under 20 employees, active and part-time employees and their spouses aged 65 and over can enroll

13.If the group is over 20 employees, non-active (retirees), part-timers, and their spouses aged 65 or greater can participate

14.Materials can be cobranded with your employer group logo

15. Electronic enrollment may be possible. We can also pre-print individual enrollment forms limiting the options to only those offered by you the employer

16.Employer contributions are tax deductible. Employee portions can be Section 125’d if billed through the employer (think part-timers). Direct billed enrollees receive no tax benefit

17.Any offered plan, contributed or uncontributed, should be 5500’d and included in any wrap document

18.Regardless of when the plan is initiated, the renewal syncs to January 1 each year

19.Retirees can enroll at plan inception, at age 65, with loss of other coverage, and at the annual GUARANTEED ISSUE Open Enrollment January 1

20.The Employer can make changes to the plan benefits at every Open Enrollment

21.Additional benefits not found with any other current Medicare Supplement: Wellness, Skilled Nursing, Private Duty Nursing, and At Home Recovery are addable. If you the employer add these offerings, enrollees are required to select them

22. A group renewal consists of any rate changes (banded renewal rates for enrollees after set up), benefit changes (rare once the offering is set up), and any plan changes the employer chooses to make (rare once the offering is set up). Enrollees receive an enrollment sheet to elect any changes. They sign and return it, if needed

23.Although the retiree may be billed separately and receive additional information directly from Seniors Choice, renewal and election information can be facilitated through ISS

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